Guitar Chord Eric Clapton - Layla Chords

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This is guitar chord from Eric Clapton - Layla Chords with the Tabs (TABLATURE) and also the Lyircs. You can stay in here with your Guitar and play this song with their Lyrics and Tabs. I recommend you to buy the original song from this musician for their career in the future. In this artcle also have another Guitar Chord from.

Recent Guitar Chord - Eric Clapton - Layla Chords
Singer  : Eric Clapton
Title     : - Layla Chords
Eric Clapton - Layla Chords

Am F G Abm Ebm C#m F# B E

||: Am  F G  Am :|| Am  F G  Abm 

Abm                            Ebm  
What will you do when you get lonely 
Abm          G       A        B 
With nobody waiting by your side
C#m         F#          B               E
You´ve been running and hiding much too long, 
C#m           F#                B
You know it´s just your foolish pride.

Am   F      G            Am
Layla,  you got me on my knees.  
Am    F     G               Am
Layla,  I´m begging darling please.
Am    F   G                 Am              F     G  
Layla,    darling won´t you ease my worried mind.

Abm                   Ebm     
Tried to give you consolation, 
Abm       G         A        B 
Your old man won´t let you down
C#m    F#      B                 E    
Like a fool, I fell in love with you, 
C#m        F#                 B
Turned the whole world upside down


Abm                          Ebm    
Let´s make the best of the situation 
Abm      G       A    B 
Before I fin´lly go insane.
C#m          F#        B            E  
Please don´t say we´ll never find a way 
C#m         F#              B
And tell me all my loves in vain
Recent Guitar Chord - Eric Clapton - Layla Chords
Singer  : Eric Clapton
Title     : - Layla Chords

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